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Tesla lost $50 billion in just one day after the highly anticipated ‘Battery Day’ fell short of expectations; lost more than 10% of its total value | Tech News

While we were raving about the tabless cell battery and other technology breakthroughs announced during Tesla’s ‘Battery Day, investors didn’t buy it. Wall Street was disappointed after the highly anticipated ‘Battery Day’ fell short of expectations. Tesla lost $50 billion of its...


The hammer is about to drop on Big Tech companies: DOJ proposes changes that will put an end to Section 230 immunity that protects internet platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others | Tech News

Since its beginning in 1983, the Internet has been known as a platform for free and rapid dissemination of uncensored information. However, in a violation of our First Amendment rights, big tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter, have been censoring...


Israeli-founded Next Insurance snags $250M Series D funding to provide coverage for small businesses; now valued at $2 billion | Tech News

Next Insurance is an Israeli-founded, California-based insurtech startup that provides coverage for small businesses and entrepreneurs, using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to tailor insurance policies for its customers. Today, Next Insurance announced it has raised $250 million in Series D...

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