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Survey Monkey is one of the most popular brands founded about few years after Amazon launched its online e-commerce site. At the time, SurveyMonkey was a survey company with thousands, if not millions, of businesses. After 20 years of being in business, the company is expanding beyond just surveys.

So, this week, SurveyMonkey announced it is rebranding to Momentive to reflect the future direction of the company. However, the name can be confusing to customers wanting to visit the company’s new website. Since is already an active website, instead the company went with

In an announcement, the company said Momentive will become both the parent company and the brand name for its growing enterprise business. The company also plans to change its stock ticker symbol to MNTV on June 15. The company also clarified that SurveyMonkey will continue to exist for the consumer-facing self-serve business as a subsidiary of Momentive.

Below is a video of the announcement.

Below is full texts of the announcement.

“In the 20+ years since its inception, SurveyMonkey has defined a business category, helping people answer 55 billion questions and spreading the power of feedback across the world. But as our strategy evolved and portfolio expanded, we also started to outgrow our name. Conversations with customers, prospects, and even employees began to make it clear that our ambitions were larger than the brand on the building. 

So, I’d like to introduce you to Momentive—a name and perspective that we think captures the momentum our customers are driving for their businesses and the energy our employees are creating as we reshape our own company for what’s next.

Let’s be clear: SurveyMonkey, our flagship survey platform, isn’t going away. That name clearly defines what that product does and taps into the curiosity of our users, and it is still incredibly close to our hearts. It’s the most recognized brand in its category, with over 20 million global users. We will continue to invest in, and grow, SurveyMonkey as our company evolves. 

But the next chapter of our company will be about Momentive, which represents a broad portfolio of enterprise solutions that deliver insights about your market, brand, employees, customers, or product, that go beyond everyday surveys. It’s time to illuminate the full breadth of what we do—and the range of complex challenges our customers are addressing with our agile experience management and insights solutions.”

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