3 Ways To Bounce Back From Burn Out

In the midst of the pandemic commute time has been eliminated, work travel has been eliminated, small talk in the break room is gone, work parties have been eliminated, the organic breaks in the work day vanished overnight and were filled with more work. Working professionals around the world go straight from their bed to their desk, making it harder to distinguish the office from the home, and easier to simply work all the time. This leads to burn out. Below are a few steps we can take to bounce back from the exhaustion and stress of burn out:

Take Care Of The Basics

A major part of recovering and preventing burn out is taking care of the fundamentals of health: eat well, sleep well, exercise, hydrate. It is easy to neglect any or all of these components when you are stressed and running on fumes. But getting a proper eight hours of sleep, drinking enough water, eating lean proteins and vegetables and getting regular exercise is the foundation of your physical health, and taking care of yourself is the first step to recovering from burn out. 

Take Incremental Steps To Regain Some Control At Work

Time management coach Elizabeth Grace Saunders writes in The Harvard Business Review to evaluate your perceived limits, and explore what can be improved in your lack of work/life balance. She recommends starting small. “For example, you could decide that at least one weeknight, you won’t take any work home. Or after a certain time each night, you’ll disconnect from your devices,” she writes. “Small steps like these lower the risk on your end and allows others to gradually adjust to your new relationship with work.”

Speak Up

If the work is more than you can handle at your most productive, it’s time to raise your hand and say you need help. Speak to your boss and your colleagues to see if you can delegate work and help build a support system for yourself going forward, burn out is not sustainable.

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