IoT startup Totum Labs raises $13M Series A funding to revolutionize global connectivity with a constellation of low with Earth Orbit (LEO) nanosatellites | Tech News

Totum Labs, a San Diego, CA-based tech startup that is revolutionalizing wireless technology by enabling low-cost, global, indoor tracking and monitoring of billions of assets, today announced it has closed $13 million Series A funding to accelerate the deployment and commercialization of its low power sensor to the satellite network and connectivity.

The round, which was co-led by Heroic Ventures and Space Capital, brings Totum’s total funding since launch to $15.5 million. Existing investors, including Qualcomm Co-founder Dr. Andrew Viterbi and new strategic investor Qamcom also participated in the round.

The Series A funding builds on a number of exciting accomplishments for Totum, including the tape out of its DMSS 3990 Endpoint Device through Orca Systems, the issuance of 4 foundational patents, and strategic partnerships with Qamcom and others.

Founded in 2018 Ted Myers, Totum Labs has invented and is commercializing Doppler Multichannel Spread Spectrum (DMSS) to enable tracking and monitoring of billions of assets. Totum Labs’ network coverage leverages a constellation of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) nanosatellites and small, low-cost modules with embedded antennas and battery life of 10+ years. The resulting connectivity enables the tracking of anything anywhere in the world – even indoors. The Totum Labs team has been working on secure, extreme link budget, high capacity technology, and products for over 10 years.

Commenting on the funding, Ted Myers, Founder and CEO of Totum Labs, said: “Others that have launched satellites are not on a technical path to scale to billions of connections and they will largely be limited to high value, low-volume endpoints historically associated with satellite connectivity.”  Myers added, “Only Totum’s DMSS technology can go head-to-head with the cellular industry for LPWA connectivity and provide a robust and cost-effective connectivity experience for a massive number of endpoint connections across a wide variety of industry use cases.”

“I’ve closely followed LPWA technologies for more than a decade, and I believe DMSS is the right answer for global connectivity on a massive scale,” said Qualcomm Co-founder Dr. Andrew Viterbi,

“Totum has a dominant waveform with an unparalleled link budget that positions the company to unlock the massive LPWA asset tracking and monitoring market,” said Matt Robinson, Founder and Managing Partner of Heroic Ventures. “The Totum team has unmatched LPWA communications technical expertise and we are thrilled to support them.”

“We see Totum’s deep communications expertise and DMSS technology as highly differentiated from other players who come to the market as a pure satellite industry orientation,” said Tom Ingersoll, Managing Director of Space Capital.

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