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8 Decisions That Aren’t Really Decisions And Lead To Failure

getty A manager comes out of a meeting with a clear decision. He then attends the next meeting and comes out with a changed mind and a new decision. Is this second decision really a decision? No. What he had...


IoT startup Totum Labs raises $13M Series A funding to revolutionize global connectivity with a constellation of low with Earth Orbit (LEO) nanosatellites | Tech News

Totum Labs, a San Diego, CA-based tech startup that is revolutionalizing wireless technology by enabling low-cost, global, indoor tracking and monitoring of billions of assets, today announced it has closed $13 million Series A funding to accelerate the deployment and commercialization of...

Leadership Strategy

How To Do Business In China And Beyond

Post written by Saul Estrin, Emeritus Professor of Managerial Economics and Strategy at LSE’s Department of Management and Christine Cote, Senior Lecturer in Practice at LSE’s Department of Management. Businesses can benefit from leveraging Chinese consumer trends. getty The 2020...

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