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DeepSurface Security emerges from stealth with $1 million in funding to launch the first automated tool to help cybersecurity teams analyze and prioritize risks | Tech News

As networks have become more complex with the addition of cloud computing, mobile devices, and IoT, published software vulnerabilities have accelerated roughly 12% year over year, with over 22,000 security vulnerabilities published in 2019 alone. These vulnerabilities affect product integrity,...


Founder and CEO of bitcoin exchange startup RG Coins found guilty of crypto Ponzi scheme, money laundering, and millions of dollars in international cyber fraud scheme to defraud Americans | Tech News

In 2015, 53-year-old Bulgarian national Rossen Yosifov launched RG coins, a Bulgarian cryptocurrency exchange with a focus on Eastern-European markets. At the time, the original idea was to integrate new technology in Bulgaria and to create a community of people who...

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