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Do you have the skills and expertise to build a habitable space station? If yes, this is your opportunity to kick your career into high-gear with Blue Origin. This week, Blue Origin, a space startup founded by billionaire Jeff Bezos, is looking to hire an “Orbital Habitat Formulation Lead.”

Blue Origin is developing technologies to enable private human access to space with the goal to dramatically lower costs and increase reliability. Blue Origin’s vision is to enable millions of people to live and work in space. To fulfill that vision, humanity will require places for them to live and work: space destination systems in which value-creating economic activity can occur, the company said.

The intended hiring represents the company’s first step toward developing habitable space stations. It’s a move that fits squarely at the center of Bezos’ vision for Blue Origin, which is to get to where “millions of people are living and working in space to benefit Earth,” especially by moving “industries that stress Earth into space.”

Below is how Blue Origin describes the position.

“Blue Origin’s Formulation Lead for the Orbital Habitat product line will lead the development of technical concepts, product strategies, business cases, customer relationships, market-shaping outreach, industrial partnerships, implementation approaches, and supply chain. Partnering with business development professionals, you will develop a detailed understanding of NASA, other government, and commercial needs and guide the iterative development of product strategy. You will be accountable for capturing external and internal sponsorship funding to establish viable LEO destination systems in the 2020s. You will directly impact the history of human spaceflight.”

In addition, Blue Origin said the Formulation Lead will make defensible, high-velocity decisions and accommodates emergent learning. Blue Origin Formulation Leads are sought and rewarded for bold leadership, passion for revolutionary human spaceflight, and technical integrity. As a key member of the ADP (Advanced Development Programs) Leadership Team, you will be an integrative thinker, a relentless innovator, and a clear, concise, consistent communicator who energizes the team and inspires the company and stakeholders.

Most importantly, the candidate must have a B.S. in aerospace, mechanical, electrical engineering or related.
15+ years aerospace experience, including 5+ years in senior leadership roles, developing space systems
Demonstrated knowledge designing, building, testing, and operating crewed aerospace systems.

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