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Early this month, we wrote about Google after the tech giant launched its first accelerator for women-led tech startups with a focus on women founders in the United States and Canada. The program is part of Google’s effort to help female founders build their own businesses and grow the economy.

According to new research from Columbia Business School, female-led ventures are disproportionately overlooked by venture capitalists at multiple stages of the entrepreneurship pipeline. Researchers from Columbia Business School and London Business School show that businesses led by women are 63 percent less likely to obtain venture capital (VC) funding than those led by me.

Today, women’s entrepreneurship still lags men’s in all but seven countries in the world. Despite the challenges faced by female-led tech startups, many of these startups continue to make impacts in the world. In this guide, we look at nine leading women-led start-ups that are changing the world and inspiring the next wave of female entrepreneurs in 2020.

Below is an infographic put together by Trainwest, a Perth, Australia-based tech startup and provider of high-quality training courses. The infographic is titled “9 Female Start-Ups Changing the World in 2020.”


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