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Collaboration software provider Atlassian announced it has acquired Sweden-based asset management tech Startup Mindville for an undisclosed sum. Mindville is an asset and configuration management company that creates a place for companies to store their information about their assets and infrastructure.

Mindville builds insight software suite and apps for asset management. The acquisition builds on Atlassian’s investment in ITSM, including recent acquisitions like Opsgenie for incident management, Automation for Jira for code-free automation, and Halp for conversational ticketing.

In a blog post on its website, Atlassian said: “We are delighted to announce today that Atlassian has acquired Mindville, an asset and configuration management company based in Sweden with over 1,700 customers worldwide including the likes of NASA, Spotify, and Samsung. Today’s digital enterprises often have tens or even hundreds of thousands of assets and services that they need to track and manage.”

Founded in 2005 by Tommy Nordahl and Mathias Edblom , Mindville gives organizations a place to store and share information about all their assets and infrastructure across their whole business, even areas outside of IT such as HR, sales, and facilities. Teams can see how various services are linked to the underlying infrastructure, helping them understand how any given change will affect the customer or employee experience as a whole.

Mindville also discovers and tracks assets and infrastructure by scanning the network, so teams don’t have to enter every asset manually. This flexible solution integrates with leading cloud providers like AWS and Azure, and can either co-exist with, or help teams migrate away from, other solutions such as ServiceNow, Microsoft SCCM, and Snow Software.

In a separate announcement on its website, Mindville co-founders wrote a blog post: “My co-founder, Mathias Edblom, and I founded Mindville back in 2013 with the ambition to create a modern, flexible, and powerful way for organizations to model and manage their assets. We decided to build our solutions as value-added apps for Atlassian’s Jira.”

Tommy Nordahl & Mathias Edblom – founders of Mindville (Credit: Mindville)

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