Shocking result: Smokers are far LESS likely to be hospitalized with coronavirus (COVID-19) than non-smokers, a Chinese study also duplicated in the U.S. by CDC, shows | Tech News

Finally a story about tobacco smoking and coronavirus covid19. Studies from at least four countries show that smokers are far less likely to be hospitalized with coronavirus (COVID-19) than non-smokers. The first official French data on tobacco smoking covid19, which was replicated in China, Germany and United States, showed a  remarkable low rate of smokers are hospitalized with coronavirus compared to smoking prevalence.

The finding in France is consistent with low rate of tobacco smokers among patients with coronavirus in China is now duplicated in the U.S. by CDC. According to another study published on CDC website, researchers found that among 7,162 corona patients with medical records 6,901 were never-smokers (96.3%), 165 ex-smokers (2.3%), and only 96 smokers (1.3%).

In a different study published on MedRxiV, the researchers said this: “Surprisingly, though some have speculated that high rates of smoking in China explained some of the morbidity in those patients, we did not find smoking status to be associated with increased risk of hospitalization or critical illness. This is consistent with a handful of other studies that have previously shown a lack of association of smoking with pulmonary diseaseassociated ARDS (i.e. from pneumonia), as compared with non-pulmonary sepsis-associated ARDS.2″

Although tobacco use doesn’t get a mention in the abstract, but the results show that ever-users of tobacco are significantly less likely to be hospitalized with the virus, as you can see in the table below.

Another study from Public Health in England said this: “Emerging evidence from China shows smokers with COVID-19 are 14 times more likely to develop severe respiratory disease.



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