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3 Ways To Boost Employee Engagement

Studies show that less than half of employees are engaged at work. Disengaged employees lead to lost revenue, greater turnover, and decreased morale. To increase engagement, there are three things you can do.

Show employees that they matter.

Everyone wants to know that their contributions at work are recognized and that they are valued. When employees’ accomplishments aren’t recognized engagement drops, and eventually productivity can drop as well.

To rectify this, a quick ‘thanks for a job well done’ goes a long way. Simply acknowledging the effort that your employee put in is a great start to increasing engagement. There are many ways of recognizing employees – public and private, individually or as a team. No matter how employees are recognized, it shows them that they matter.

Show employees that they’re trusted.

Respected and trusted employees are both happier and more productive. When employees know they’re trusted by their managers, they are more likely to put in more effort and go above and beyond expectations.

To show respect, take the time to connect with employees, either individually or by team. If possible, do this in person, but if your employees are spread out across multiple locations, virtual check-ins can be done by video chat. Set up office hours where employees can come to you with questions or concerns. Again, this can be done digitally to give all employees the opportunity to connect with you.

Ask employees for their opinions.

The best leaders welcome ideas from all of their employees. Engagement increases when employees are encouraged to share their opinions and weigh in with suggestions to make improvements.

Employees are the ones facing the problems firsthand, so they are able to offer a different perspective from the managers looking at the problem from the outside in. Letting everyone share their ideas means that you’ll have more solutions to choose from.

The bottom line is this – show your employees that they matter and they’re valued, and performance and engagement will improve greatly.

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