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We covered Legit back in 2018 when the Cambridge, MA-based AI startup raised $2.6 million for its AI-enabled life sciences collaboration platform. We’ve not really been following the startup until this week. It turned out they’ve  been quietly working for the past year to improve the way that life sciences teams collaborate.

Legit grew out of research from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab. The seasoned team has three PhDs, 30+ years experience filing patents collectively, and has published and more than 120 publications on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. By the way, don’t let their small size fool you. Legit software is used by some of the big names in life sciences including Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, Amgen, among others.

This week, Legit announced the launch of its new collaboration software geared towards the life sciences. This first of its kind enterprise software allows companies to identify, connect, and collaborate with internal and external experts within the life sciences. The platform’s primary goal is to address the collaboration barriers within the life sciences
caused by compliance requirements, scattered information, and lack of visibility within companies.

Founded in 2012 by Anthony Bucci, Jacob Rosen, and Matt Osman, Legit has built a suite of products for businesses in life sciences to increase efficiencies across drug design, medical device development, and external alliances. With over 2 million external experts available, Legit has the largest network in the world. The platform scans over 40 million data points and uses natural language processing to find precise experts on any topic, no matter how niche. Within the Legit network of experts, companies can find doctors, academic researchers, early-stage company leaders, and seasoned executives.

While traditional expert platforms focus exclusively on external expertise, Legit is the only software that can also help companies identify internal experts. Internal experts are individuals within their company who have shown to be particularly knowledgeable in a specific area. Legit breaks down communication barriers caused by team size, mergers & acquisitions, and geographical boundaries.

As part of its breakthrough model, Legit is the first and only platform in the industry that enables companies to maximize the potential of their internal resources before investing in external solutions. Legit also offers the fastest turnaround in the industry. Once a user picks a time, Legit will streamline all logistics – whether it is legal, compliance, or scheduling, the platform manages the process.  Companies connect with the right expert five times faster with Legit, compared to traditional methods.

“With an increasing number of early-stage collaborations, it has never been more vital for life sciences companies to find ways to efficiently collaborate – both internally and externally,” said Kevin Lynch, former Vice President of Search & Evaluation at AbbVie. “Yet at the same time, with the vast amount of information available and the often geographically spread sites, this continues to present a formidable challenge”.

The new version of Legit is already operating across companies like J&J Innovation and Amgen. To request a personalized demo, visit

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