Alibaba pledged $140 million to fight the coronavirus outbreak; launches a sourcing platform to deliver critical medical supplies | Tech News

As coronavirus continues to toll on people of China and a dozens around the world, Chinese tech giant is taking steps to help the affected people in China and stop the spread of the virus. Alibaba has pledged $140 million fund dedicated to buying essential medical equipment from around the world, including from Israel, to supply teams operating in Chinese cities.

The China e-commerce giant also launched a global business-to-business sourcing platform that aims to speed medical supplies directly to areas in China hard-hit by the novel coronavirus. The company is now calling on medical suppliers from all around the world to offer their wares via the platform to help China battle deadly virus.

The business-to-business website aims to create a direct connection between suppliers of medical equipment and teams of doctors on the ground battling the infectious disease. Called the Alibaba Global Direct Sourcing Platform,  the site will serve as an information bridge, matching sellers of medical supplies and their products with the needs of affected hospitals and local authorities.

Some of the urgent supplies currently needed include:

  • #Urgent purchase#N95 or N99 Respirator (Disposable) for medical staff as daily work protection
  • #Urgent purchase#Surgical Drapes, Gowns, and Clear Air Suits
  • #Urgent purchase#Medical Protective Clothing – Surgical Isolative Grown

“Alibaba will post the specifications of needed medical supplies, including types, models and quantities of products, based on information collected from hospitals and local authorities. Suppliers can provide information about the products they can offer. Once the supplier is verified and the goods certified as an acceptable match, Alibaba will begin the procurement process. Goods purchased through this platform will go to hospitals based on urgency and priority,” the statement said.

So far, coronavirus, which started in Whuan city of China, has infected at least 28,000 people locally and globally, according to CNN, and more than 1000 people have died. The World Health Organization has declared the outbreak a global emergency and has warned governments to prepare for “domestic outbreak control” if the disease were to spread in their countries.

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