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What are startups looking for in potential staff? Learn why you should want to work for a startup and what they seek in candidates right here.

So, you’re thinking about working for a startup? Trading in your secure corporate role for a new challenge with a startup can be considered risky. After all, it is estimated that around 90% of all startups fail, potentially leaving you without a job and a blotch on your CV.

But there are also plenty of reasons to work for a new business. These roles offer an exciting professional adventure, which often increases job satisfaction and opportunities to work with the latest innovative technologies. If graduates earn a position with a successful startup and gain experience with mentors, new techniques or technology, they may even leapfrog the career ladder and earn bigger salaries quicker.

The good news is these jobs can be found throughout the UK with a simple search for startup jobs using Jobrapido. Sourcing a new business that has been backed by venture capitalists or funders is recommended because these ventures are already tipped for success – and counter any fears about jobs security.

So, What Are Startups Seeking in Staff?

To land an interview with any business, new or old, you are going to need to understand what a startup is all about, have the right experience and qualifications. However, working for a newly formed entity requires a little more than a flashy degree or a solid track record. Here are some other qualities that startup founders will be looking for:

1. Flexibility

Startups usually have to work harder to get noticed and/or are toying with a great idea that they want to push forward. These two things can make the working day longer in the initial years. There is more work to be done or an eagerness to get it done through a passion for the work (more on that to follow). With longer working hours and often more stressful hours, startups require staff that are willing to be flexible to help the team reach their primary goals. Being able to display your flexibility with past examples will be required in any startup interview.

2. Humility

Working for any new business means working for a team that will make mistakes. New companies, despite the experience of their team, are likely to experience a learning curve within the industry. This is especially true for startups that want to push the boundaries on current tech and change long-term processes. With mistakes comes a need for staff to show humility and accept when they do something wrong, but be equalling motivated to get things right in the future. Those that cannot show humility don’t make good team players within the structure.

3. Passion

Arguably the best trait any candidate can evidence on their cover letter or in the interview is a passion for the projects that the startup is involved in. A natural passion will tell these employers that you are going to immerse yourself in your work and be driven to succeed for reasons beyond the paycheck. Passion for the work is arguably the most important characteristic and will be a non-negotiable for startups.

Next time you apply for a job or head to an interview with a new business, consider these three qualities and how you can evidence that you have what it takes.

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